10 Ways to Transform Your Life

There are many different ways for you to transform your life for the better.  Here we offer 10 of them along with our newly created positive affirmations video to help ingrain that power of transformation into your psyche.   The Transform Your Life video harnesses the transformative power symbolized by the butterfly to help make change easier for you.  We’ll populate this post with some images used from the video.


The Be the Butterfly video contains two sets of positive affirmations.  There is an audible one and a semi-subliminal one.   The audible one is below:

Transform your life, be like the butterfly.
Embrace the change.
Be the butterfly.
Do what needs to be done.
You can do it.
Be the butterfly, embrace the change.
Take on the powers of the butterfly.
Fly free.
Transform your life.
Take on the change.
Do what needs to be done.
Be the butterfly.
Fly free.
Embrace the change.
If you know what you want go get it.
Transform your life.
You can do what you want.
You can be who you want to be.
You can make a change.
You can transform your life.
You can be like the butterfly.
If you need to change, make the change.
If you want to change, make the change.
You can make the change.
You can be like the butterfly.
You can transform your life.
Make the change.
Be the butterfly.
Be the best you can be.
Do what needs to be done.
Transform your life.


10 Ways to Transform Your Life

Here are 10 different things you can do to help transform your life for the better in no particular order.   Let us know what you think of these different ways and what works for you to help transform your life for the better.  Just post your comments in the comments section below.

1.  Get Organized

Declutter your life and get organized.  Throw away things that you don’t need.  As you clear out a lot of your physical junk you’ll find that you are also clearing out some of your mental junk as well.

2.  Exercise regularly

If you don’t exercise you’ll find that this can quickly transform every aspect of your life.  You’ll look better and feel better.   You can also choose to do physical routines that have a spiritual component associated with them.   These include yoga, chi gung, tai chi, and some of the martial arts.  Here you can combine physical exercise with a spiritual one.  This is a powerful combination that can quickly transform your life.

3.  Create a Bucket List 

The very act of creating a bucket list will get you to thinking about what you’ve always wanted in life.  This in itself can help you look at your life in a different manner and get you thinking about the things you want in it.   Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit Stonehenge, or study a foreign language in a different country, or see the Super Bowl, etc..   Each thing on your bucket list may be a life changing experience for you.  Imagine how your life can change for the better after you’ve done 5 things on your list, or 10, or 50!    If you don’t think you can do it, check out the amazing story of John Goddard and how he achieved many of his bucket list items.

4.  Learn to Dance

This will get your blood flowing, get you in great shape, and allow you to socialize and build confidence all at the same time.  Many places offer free dance lessons so check your local weekly papers and other sources.

 5.  Get Your Financial House in Order

Start saving more money.  Although this may seem at odds with the idea of doing more of your bucket list items it really isn’t.  Just decide to spend your money on items that will bring you joy and pleasure and get rid of the frivolous expenses that do nothing but knock down your dreams.  In the same vein you can start paying down debt and set up multiple streams of income.  Check out our money site Buks to see 11 Keys to Wealth.  It is part of the 77 Keys to Wealth ebook that you can pick up for free at Buks.   The more money you save, the greater your freedom to do more of the things you love.

6.  Get rid of any toxic relationships

If you have any toxic relationships that you don’t think can be repaired just get rid of them.  This will free up a lot more positive energy for you to invest in other relationships and endeavors. This can really transform your life for the better!

7.  Start a business in a field you love

While this will definitely change your life, it might not always be for the better, especially in the beginning of the new business when you have to invest so much of your time in it.   However, some of these ventures may succeed beyond your wildest dreams.  Check out some of the millionaire stories on our money site Buks to see how some folks have made a fortune by following their passions.

8.   Volunteer or Donate to a charity

Both will allow you to help others and feel great about yourself while doing so!  And, if you volunteer you’ll be able to socialize and see the fruit of your labors as well.

9.  Meditate Every Day

If you meditate everyday you’ll be able to clear your head, destress, and connect with your spiritual side.  If you don’t do this, starting it will definitely change your life.

10.  Take a Chance on Love

If you’re not in a relationship, look to get in one.  This will change your life – hopefully for the better lol!

Bonus Tips

11.  Do the Opposite

From Seinfeld’s George comes the immortal advice to “do the opposite.”  Now, this  can be undertaken if you ever feel like you are in a rut. If everything is going great for you, you can skip this.  Essentially, it involves doing things totally differently than you usually do.   For instance, go somewhere different for lunch, eat different foods, get out of your comfort zone, take chances where you might normally not, etc..   You get the idea.  This can be fun and lead to a whole new group of experiences and friends.

12.  Gather some New Friends

Gather some new friends in areas that you enjoy.   For instance, Meetups.com has a list of groups that meet regularly in your city.  There are groups dedicated to singles, to those that like to eat at restaurants, to movie-goers, to women only, to hikers, to those interested in crafts, to a variety of spiritual practices, to those interested in finances, etc..  See if they have a group that interests you.  Better yet, maybe learn something new by joining a group you never would have considered before.  This could be a great life transformation jumpstarter!

13.  Phone a Different friend everyday

This allows a semi-personal contact with a different person everyday.  Reconnect with those you love or long lost friends.

14.  Go Back to School

If you are really looking to do something that can transform your life this will do it.  And, by school, I mean courses of study in a field that you are interested in.   It could be a University, a local college, a trade school, or whatever.   While it may be time consuming and cost you some money there are a lot of great benefits to returning to school.   For one, the increased education will make you more marketable and may help you get a job in a field you enjoy.  For another, your confidence will increase and you’ll be meeting new friends interested in similar passions.

15.  Go after the Best Job in the World

If your job isn’t great, know that you have options.  See what happened when one young man went after a job advertised as “the Best Job in the World.”  Of course, your idea of the best job in the world might be a bit different.  But, if you are not in a job you love or running a business you love, why not take the first steps to changing your life and going after something like that?



Let us know any suggestions you may have on how you can transform your life for the better.  Just post them in the comments section below.  Thank you!

Have you seen the Brain Bullet?  Check it out.  This is software to help transform your life for the better by automatically inputting positive affirmations to your brain – fast as a bullet!

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