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13 Year-Old Genius Smarter than Einstein?
Neha Ramu is a 13 year old genius from London who scored a perfect 162 on her IQ test making her "smarter" than Albert Einstein. How does this teen genius spend a lot of her time? Well, it is not studying. She spends a lot of time doing what other kids her age do a lot of - playing video games! Even though Ramu is now a member of Mensa and had a test score that ranks her above most geniuses doesn't [...]
1 Simple Brain Exercise for Improved Concentration
1 Simple Brain Exercise for Better Concentration   Here is a video that gives you one quick simple brain exercise for improved concentration.   The technique is called "basic mental object retention."   The key as expressed here is to hold your attention onto a single object.  The more and better you are able to do this, the more powerful your mind will become. As the creator of [...]
3 Brain Power Pills – One Not to Take
Here is a look at 3 different brain power pills, and one of them you definitely don't want to take -despite the promotional video to the contrary lol! THE MINUS IQ PILL The video above highlights the "benefits" of the Minus IQ pill.  It is a funny look at what a lower IQ can do for you!   THE SUCCESS PILL - IS IT REAL? Here is a look at the Success Pill.  Is it fact or fantasy?  Some [...]
10 Ways to Transform Your Life
There are many different ways for you to transform your life for the better.  Here we offer 10 of them along with our newly created positive affirmations video to help ingrain that power of transformation into your psyche.   The Transform Your Life video harnesses the transformative power symbolized by the butterfly to help make change easier for you.  We'll populate this post with some images used [...]
The Power of Persistence
Harness the power of persistence to help you push through anything you are going through and to help you accomplish the things you want to accomplish.  Persistence is the ability to push through even when you feel like giving up.  And to keep pushing and pushing til you succeed. It has often been said that the difference between success and failure is just a little bit more persistence.  Those [...]
Program Your Mind for Success
In Today's Brain Booster Bulletin we feature a variety of powerful motivation to help program your mind for success.  Included is the brain boosting video above - our Semi-subliminal Success Storm Mind Movie to help implant powerful affirmations of success and achievement.   It is a quick 2 minutes of positive motivational affirmations combined with time-lapse storm clips and flashing images of wealth [...]
Incredible Power of Your Mind
Welcome to another Brain Booster's Bulletin! I recently came across an incredibly inspirational video that points out the  incredible power of your mind. In this case a war veteran by the name of Arthur has done something that not only transformed his own life but might just transform yours as well when you watch it! If you ever needed to be reminded of just how powerful your mind is then be [...]
Increase Your Personal Power Now
In today's Brain Bulletin we give you several ways to increase your personal power.   We featured a couple of these in a recent Wealthvibes bulletin.  These are perfect for giving you techniques or strategies to up your personal power. First off we feature a quick video from Robert Cialdini, author of the book Influence, the Power of Persuasion.  In the video he gives you a quick rundown of best [...]
22 Mind Power Videos
All of these 22 Mind Power Videos were designed to be watched and rewatched for the maximum positive brain-boosting effect.  Watch several right now to help elevate your brain power and put you into a positive frame of mind.   The mind power videos featured here contain powerful positive affirmations as well as interesting background music.  Some contain subliminals, some contain brainwave entrainment [...]
Laughter and the Brain and New Brain Game
Today's Brain Bulletin asks the question of what can a good laugh do for your brain.  In addition we have a new brain game in which you match memes.   Also, some other great brain boosting info as well.   Laughter and the Brain Investigate the power of laughter.   Take a look at one of Monty Python's legends as he visits one of India's Laughing Clubs.  All that wet cats and Japanese pranksters. [...]
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