Cyborgs and Magic Illusions

cyborgsWelcome to another edition of the Brain Booster Bulletin!  Get ready for a boost right now.

Are there real cyborgs among us?   You betcha, and with the ever increasing advances in technology you can bet that there will be more on the way.  Will you be one of them?  Check out the latest gadget from Google that just might get your joining the ranks of the Borg, er cyborg…


Real Cyborgs Among Us?

See some real cyborgs in action.  How does Google factor into the equation?   Did a new Cyber War start at McDonalds recently?  Get all these questions answered and more when you check out the videos showcasing real cyborgs!

Real Cyborgs


10 Mind Bending Magic Illusions 

Watch this Dutch Illusionist perform 10 magic illusions in just 5 minutes!

10 Mind Bending Magic Illusions


New Brain Game – Word Searches

Give your brain a fun workout with these word searches in the word searches brain game.

Word Searches Brain Game


Brain Audio Ebook

Get ready for a Brain Gain with this Brain Audio ebook on sale now!

Brain Audio Ebook on Sale


Free Brain Entrainment Video with Nature Scenes

Autumn leaves, a whistling wind and a dynamite relaxing soundtrack.   Oh, and brainwave entrainment to help put you into a state of deep relaxation.  Who could ask for more?

Get Relaxed Now


 Get Peace of Mind Now

Our relaxing peace of mind video will give you just that – peace of mind.  Soothing, relaxing with affirmations designed to put you into a peaceful relaxed state.

Get yourself some Peace of Mind now!


10 Mind Power Videos

One of our Brain Booster Bulletins featured 10 Mind Power Videos.  These were all designed to be watched and rewatched over and over again.  Why not saturate your mind with beautiful positive messages designed to put you into a powerful relaxed positive state of mind.   Watch at least one right now for a super boost!

10 Mind Power Videos 


Can This State Boost Your Affirmations by 200 Times?

I’ve read that being in this state can boost your affirmation power by 200 times.  We have a video that

not only puts you into the state but sends the affirmations to your brain while you are there!

Boost Your Affirmation Power now!


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