Funny Brain Story and More Brain Info

brain infoGreetings and welcome to another edition of your Brain Booster Bulletin – it’s great to have you as a member!   In this online edition we’ll feature a funny brain story, an interesting rotating optical illusion,  a free NLP ebook and the zombie-like condition you’ll want to avoid.

In addition, we’ll also have even more great brain info!   So, let’s get right to it.  Most of the links will open in a new window for you.

Funny Brain Story

See how this new teacher turned her students into geniuses overnight!   This is brain info you can use to help yourself and others!

Funny Brain Story


Rotating Dancer Illusion

This dancing illusion will have your head spinning!

Which way is this dancer spinning?

Rotating Dancer Illusion

Free NLP ebook (no optin required!)

Grab your free nlp ebook and hone your ability to influence and persuade others!

Grab your free ebook while it is still available:

Free NLP ebook

Are You a Zombie?

Do you sometimes walk and feel like the undead?

See what it could be and get the cure below.

Exorcise the Zombie in you


10 Memory Secrets

Boost your memory now with these 10 simple brain boosting memory secrets!   This is brain info you won’t forget – hopefully!

10 Memory Sercrets


Brain Power Machines

I picked up one of these at the end of last year and can’t seem to put it down.  You can load it with all sorts of good brain boosting stuff.

Check out the Brain Power Machines


Are You a Mastermind Memory Game

Here is a memory game that features classic art pictures.  Sharpen your memory powers now!

Memory Game


One of the Most Popular Games of All Time

This game is great to get your creative juices flowing.  Try not to get hung up!

One of the Most Popular Games of All Time


Free Brainwave Entrainment Audios

If you haven’t picked up your free brainwave entrainment audios get em while they’re still available!

Free Brainwave Entrainment Audios


New Mind Power Mantra Video 

Here’s a new mind power video we featured in last week’s
mind power bulletin. It’s at our mind power site.

New Mind Power Mantra Video – Give your mind a quick boost now!


Hope you enjoyed this edition of the Brain Boosters Bulletin – Brain info to boost your brain power!   Remember to see all the other articles and freebies we have at out Brain Power site at

Have a fantastic day!

Bob K.

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