Humanoid Robots, Brainwave Entrainment Video and More

humanoid robotsWelcome to another edition of your Brain Booster Bulletin.  This edition features some very lifelike humanoid robots.   What is the future of our brains and bodies?  Who knows, but one thing is certain these humanoid robots are now beginning to have some human characteristics that are very life like!

We also have a new brain game called Brain Booster which is great to hone you concentration and agility.

Most of the posts you’ll find in our Brain Boosters Bulletin are at Brainsngams though this edition will have several at our mind power site as well as our Wealthvibes site.

Check out the videos featuring some very lifelike humanoid robots including Philip Dick Android, the robot with a real sense of humor!
See the Humanoid Robots in action now!



Test your concentration and agility with this new brain game called Brain Booster!

Try it now:

Brain Booster Brain Game



Relax in nature with this soothing Brain Entrainment video with a great background soundtrack and wind whistling through Autumn Scenes of Nature!

Soothe your mind now:

Free Brain Entrainment with Autumn Nature Scenes



The Brain Gain audio ebook with private label and resell rights is now on sale.  Get it while you can and give your brain a big boost for under $2!

Brain Gain on Sale 


Brain Meditation

Check out our new trippy cosmic Brain Meditation!  It comes with isochronic tones to put you into the light meditative state known as alpha.   Featuring an out of this world cosmic space music background and some spacey video clips it should take you out of this world!  Click the link below to see our new Brain Meditation video.

Brain Meditation Video



Famous filmmaker David Lynch cites this technique as the thing he has used to boost his brain’s creativity since the mid 1970’s!  It is something simple that you can use as well.  Why not learn the creativity boosting secrets from a famous filmmaker now?

The Creativity Boost that Made this Famous Filmmaker a Changed Man


 10 Mind Power Videos

Try one or all and give your mind a powerful boost with any one of these 10 mind power videos!

Alpha Mind Power Video

Mind Voyage

You are One with the Universe

Super Mind Power

Subconscious Mind Power Video

Quantum Mind Power

Your Amazing Mind

Control Your Thoughts

Free Your Mind

Miracle Mind Video


How to Get Peace of Mind 

Do you have peace of mind?  Here is a video and 10 tips on how to get more peace of mind in your life.  Your brain will thank you – check it out now.

Get Peace of Mind


Mozart Effect Music

Relax your mind with the soothing sounds of Mozart Effect Music.  Combined with beautiful scenes this will have your brain humming!

Mozart Effect Music


 94 Amazing Mind and Memory Boosters

Check out the course that reveals 94 amazing mind and memory boosters!

94 Mind and Memory Boosters


  Brain Games to Sharpen Your Mind

Sharpen your mind with some of our brain games now!

Brain Games

Take the Mind Voyage Now

Have you taken the Mind Voyage yet? It’s free and comes with powerful
brainwave frequencies.

Benefit from The Power of Brainwave Entrainment Now with The Mind Voyage Video:

Can This State Boost Your Affirmations by 200 Times?

I’ve read that being in this state can boost your affirmation power by 200 times.  We have a video that

not only puts you into the state but sends the affirmations to your brain while you are there!

Boost Your Affirmation Power now!


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