Laughter and the Brain and New Brain Game

Brain Booster BulletinToday’s Brain Bulletin asks the question of what can a good laugh do for your brain.  In addition we have a new brain game in which you match memes.   Also, some other great brain boosting info as well.


Laughter and the Brain

Investigate the power of laughter.   Take a look at one of Monty Python’s legends as he visits one of India’s Laughing Clubs.  All that wet cats and Japanese pranksters.  Really could you ask for more?

Laughter and the Brain Post


Pair Match Meme Brain Game

This pair match brain game lets you flex your brain by matching two matching images.  These images are internet memes that have become popular.  Some you may recognize some not.  Also see a new popular meme.

Pair Match Meme Brain Game


Give Yourself a Brain Cleaning

Give yourself a brain cleaning with this video.  The video is on our Million Dollar Secrets page.

Give yourself a brain cleaning now!


The NLP Secret

From Super Shy to Confidence King.  How?  The NLP Secret!

3 Brains

Check out Joe Dispenza’s Ted talk discussing the “3 Brains” and the thing you can do to change your life.

3 Brains


10 Magic Illusions in 5 Minutes

Watch this magician mess with your mind.

10 magic illusions


Cosmic Consciousness Video

Expand your mind power by melding your mind with the Universal Mind.  Get Cosmic now!

Cosmic Consciousness Video


 Humanlike Robots

This is not your ordinary robot.  Okay I’m not sure what an ordinary robot is, but this guy isn’t ordinary lol!

See the Humanlike Robot, See the Humanlike Robot joke about putting humans in zoos…


The Power of Your Words

How powerful are the words you use and what effect can they have on your actual physical makeup not to mention your mind?

See for yourself – The Power of Your Words


Are Your Eyes Playing Tricks on You?

Are your eyes playing tricks on you when you watch this?  You decide!

Tricks of the Eye


10 Tips for Peace of Mind

Watch the video and then see the 10 Tips to give you peace of mind.

Get Peace of Mind now


Hope you enjoyed today’s Brain Booster Bulletin!

Here’s to your magnificent brain!

Bob K.



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