Math Genius, Miracle Mind and Thought Power Videos

math geniusWelcome to another online edition of the Brain Boosters Bulletin.  It’s great to have you with us!

This edition of the Bulletin includes an incredible math genius showing his genius abilities as well as several new videos at our mind power site including the Miracle Mind video, the Amazing Mind video and the Thought Power video.

Lots of other brain and mind boosting stuff so let’s get to it!


Math Genius

Watch Art Benjamin flex his math muscle in this amazing performance of his “mathamagical” ability!  Is it magic, is it memory, is it a combination?  You decide.

Watch Art Benjamin and judge his Genius Ability.


Miracle Mind video

Allow yourself to believe in and work miracles in this Miracle Mind video.

You are a miracle – watch this video and believe it.   Miracle Mind video.


Your Amazing Mind video

Boost your amazing mind power by watching and rewatching this amped up video now.

Feel the power of Your Amazing Mind now.


Control Your Thoughts video

Control your thoughts and you control your world.   The ultimate way to control your world is to control your thoughts and how you perceive the events that occur in your life.  This video helps you realize that you are in control!

Control your thoughts now.


1000 Mind Power Affirmations in 1 Minute

Let your mind absorb 1000 positive mind power affirmations in just 1 minute.

Give your mind a mind power bath now.   This one is at our Wealthvibes site.

1000 mind power affirmations in 1 minute


Rotating Dancer Illusion

This dancing illusion will have your head spinning!

Which way is this dancer spinning?

Rotating Dancer Illusion


 One of the Most Popular Games of All Time

This game is great to get your creative juices flowing.  Try not to get hung up!

One of the Most Popular Games of All Time


Free Brainwave Frequency Audios

If you haven’t picked up your free brainwave entrainment audios get em while they’re still available!

Free Brainwave Entrainment Audios



This free brain game features anagrams.  Don’t know what they are?  Check it out now!



Hope you enjoyed this edition of the Brain Boosters Bulletin – Brain info to boost your brain power!   Remember to see all the other articles and freebies we have at out Brain Power site at

Have a fantastic day!

Bob K.

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