Memory Game, Mind Science Video and More Brain Boosters

memory game and mind scienceWelcome to another online edition of the Brain Boosters Bulletin.  It’s great to have you with us!

This edition of the Brain Boosters Bulletin contains a longer but very interesting mind science video, a quick memory game called Memory Tap, and an amazing assortment of other brain boosting info!

Now the mind science video we feature is over two hours in length but well worth diving in even if to just watch it for a bit.  I watched almost the whole thing yesterday and it presented a lot of the latest info on consciousness and the mind – good stuff.


Mind Science Video

This mind science video is a fantastic exploration into the latest mind experiments, soul mate connections, remote viewing, human consciousness and more!

Expand your mind now:

Amazing Mind Science Video

Test Your Memory with this Fun Memory Game!

This memory game is quick and fun.  Play often to sharpen your memory!

Test your memory  now:

Quick Fun Memory Game

Mind Voyage Video

This mind voyage video contains brainwave entrainment as well as power affirmations to help you expand your mind!

Take an exhilarating mind voyage now:

Mind Voyage


Your Brain and the Woman Who Craved Dirt!

There is an old tale about a woman who craved dirt so much she went out to her backyard to eat some!  See what it is all about and how it pertains to your brain now.

Your Brain and the Woman Who Craved Dirt

Free Sudoku Trick

This is a nifty Sudoku trick you can use to amaze your family and friends.  See how easy it is to perplex someone with such a difficult looking trick.  They’ll think you’re magic!

Free Sudoku Trick


Beethoven Music with Brainwave Entrainment

Let the classical sounds of Beethoven blended with the power of brainwave entrainment give your mind a marvelous cleansing!

Beethoven Brain Boost


Control Your Thoughts Video

Control Your Thoughts and you control your mind.  This video programs you to automatically control your thoughts and to realize that you are in total control – now and always!

This one is at our mind power site:

Control Your Thoughts Video


Amazing Optical Illusions

Check out these amazing optical illusions.  You won’t believe your eyes!

Amazing Optical Illusions


Alpha Mind Power Video

Get taken to the alpha level where you’ll absorb the powerful life enhancing affirmations automatically.  With the power of alpha isochronic brainwave frequencies!

Experience the Power of Alpha


1000 Mind Power Images in 1 Minute

Get a mind power blast right now with 1000 mind power images in 1 minute with mind power audio affirmations!  Sit back and let the video do the work!

1 Minute Mind Power Blast:

1000 Psychic Power Images in 1 Minute


The Horror, the Horror

Check out the effects of sleep deprivation on your brain.  It’s enough to make you want to take a nap!

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Brain


Free Brainwave Entrainment Audios

Get your free brainwave entrainment audios.

Free Brainwave Entrainment audios


Hope you enjoyed this edition of the Brain Boosters Bulletin – Brain info to boost your brain power!   Remember to see all the other articles and freebies we have at out Brain Power site at

Have a fantastic day!

Bob K.

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