The Power of Persistence

Harness the power of persistence to help you push through anything you are going through and to help you accomplish the things you want to accomplish.  Persistence is the ability to push through even when you feel like giving up.  And to keep pushing and pushing til you succeed.

It has often been said that the difference between success and failure is just a little bit more persistence.  Those who have attained massive success often point to this one quality as the thing that made all the difference.

That being said the first thing you want to do before applying all that persistence is to pick a goal that you really want.  If it is something you really want you’ll be more apt to really apply the power of persistent to the best of your ability.

Secondly, you also want to recognize and realize when you are battling a lost cause.  If that is the case you may realize that all the persistence in the world might not help.  I recently read a great article from one of my favorite self help gurus Steve Pavlina about persistence in which he addressed this very thing.    For example,  I’ve known folks who were battered by the real estate downturn and tried working three jobs to keep afloat only to find that they still owed more than their home was worth after working multiple jobs for several years with no headway.  In some cases their only option was to relinquish the stress, give up the place and move on.

The same is sometimes true if you start a business and apply your all and find that it still just isn’t working after exploring all options and being super persistent.  Even in those cases applying extra persistence will not only allow you to know that you have done everything possible to succeed but will also increase your power of persistence in the future to use on other goals in which a little extra persistence might just get you through to victory and success!


The Persistence Quotes video above features persistence quotes from Benjamin Franklin, Denis Waitley, Tobias Wolff, Robert Frost, Napoleon Hill, and Dale Carnegie among others.  The persistence quotes are blended together to help give you a driving and repeated message that you can and will persist until you succeed at whatever you are attempting to accomplish.   Watch this video often to up your power of persistence now.


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Below you’ll find the Be More Persistent Video.  It is filled with powerful positive affirmations to help you be more persistent.  Consistent with the topic of persistence the affirmations are backed by a hard driving soundtrack to get you pumped up and filled with the power of persistence!

The affirmations found in the Be More Persistent video are below:

You are persistent.
You perservere.
You have abundant determination.
When you start something you are bound and determined to get the job done.
You set well thought out goals and go after them.
You are a goal achiever.
You are relentless in the pursuit of your goals.
You set priorities and accomplish them.
You are a responsible person.
You handle your business.
Others look up to you.
You keep your word.
You are tenacious in the pursuit of your goals.
You are tireless in the pursuit of your dreams.
You are mentally strong.
You have a will of iron.
You do not give up.
You do what it takes to accomplish your goals.
You are resolute and steadfast.
You will not be denied.
You are persistent.
You are relentless.
You make your dreams come true.
Others are amazed at your ability to make things happen.
You are a goal setting and goal achieving machine.
You are relentless in the pursuit of your dreams.
You are relentless.
You are persistent.
You go after what you want.
You will not be denied.
You are a winner.
Others want to be around you.
You set goals and go after them.
You are relentless and persistent in the pursuit of your goals.
You have incredible determination.
You have incredible persistence.
You are persistent.
You will not be denied.
You are determined.
You will not be denied.
You go after your goals til you get them.
You are persistent.
You perservere.

Hope you enjoyed these power of persistence videos.  Watch and rewatch them often to infuse your mind and brain with the power of persistence!

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